About Us

Infinity Gate Academy – a name synonymous for success in ESE, GATE & PSUs exams, is more than a decade old success partner of engineering graduates for written examinations and personality tests, which are integral to the selection process. Infinity Gate Academy has maintained its exclusivity by consistently producing toppers and highest number of good rank holders in ESE, GATE and PSUs right since its inception in the year 2001. The Endeavour was taken up as a challenge improvising techniques of learning each year to yield best results.

Getting a good score in top engineering exams and getting into a prestigious institute is a dream for many but achieved by only a few. The main objective of Infinity GATE Academy is to show students the right path that can take each one of them towards their dream. With our unique teaching methodology and rigorous exam preparation processes, we make sure each student can give their best to achieve the success that he/she deserves.

Infinity GATE Academy is one of the top GATE classes in Pune. Teaching faculties at Infinity are the alumni of prestigious engineering institutes in India, who can guide students with their vast base of knowledge and knacks to crack their way into the top engineering college in India. Infinity GATE Academy has been known for producing successful batches of students that secured their place in top engineering colleges in India with a great score.

Getting through these engineering exams like GATE and ESU with a decent score is a well-planned process. Students must know that getting a good score in engineering exams cannot be achieved overnight. It is like raising a tree. You have to put all your efforts into watering, nurturing, and be passionate about it till the tree grows well enough to give you flowers and fruits for life. Infinity will guide you with putting the right kind of efforts into right direction, which will take you to the score you dreamt of achieving.

Rather than just covering the syllabus of engineering entrance exams, we believe in having an exam-oriented approach to ultimately help students to get through the subjects they find tough and score excellently in subjects they find easier. We promise, the smart preparation methodology that we offer and inculcate in students at Infinity can help our students throughout their life till they choose to study anything and get that perfect score in any exam they appear for.

We have gained trust of thousands of students and we are proud that our alumni recommend Infinity the best coaching class for engineering exams like GATE, ESE, as well as PSUs. We have the best teaching faculties to guide you and bring the best capabilities out from you to get through any exam with any difficulty level and get the best score of your dreams.