Postal Study Package

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of theory in theory books focussing on ESE.
  • Supplemented with examples to solidify the learnt theory concepts.
  • In-theory ‘Note’ column has been incorporated for extra emphasis on important and unthought concepts.
  • Conclusion of each chapter with summary for quick revision.
  • Solved Objective Brain Teaser set at end of each chapter to boost the level of preparation.
  • Each chapter has Student’s Assignment to accoutre aspirants with good level of questions and prepare them for neck to neck competition.
  • This also includes Objective practice set (for Prelims) & Conventional Practice set(for Mains) of each subject for complete preparation.
  • The study material includes both Technical and Non Technical sections.
    • Engineering Mathematics textbook along with previous years’ solved papers of six branches (CE, ME, EE) is included for thorough preparation.
    • Reasoning and Aptitude textbook along with previous years’ solved papers for exhaustive practice of aptitude section.
    • Package contains Current Affairs Annual Issue exclusively for ESE Prelims.
    • This Postal Package contains theory books on newly introduced Non Technical subjects in ESE, supplementing in all round preparation of candidates.
      • General Principles of Design, Drawing, Importance of Safety
      • Standards and Quality Practices in Production
      • Basics of Energy and Environment
      • Basics of Project Management
      • Basics of Material Science and Engineering
      • Information and Communication Technologies
      • Ethics and Values in Engineering Profession
      • Reasoning & Aptitude, Mathematics and Current Affairs covered in above points. (Mathematics , Reasoning & Aptitude textbooks and Current Affairs magazine)
List of Books: